August 11, 2008

Not a whole lot to report on the homefront. We're trying to get back to some form of routine. I must have heard "I'm bored" about 300 times today. And for some reason, Cassie couldn't figure out anything on her own to do. She has all these toys, a sister, and an imagination. And still...she can't find anything to do.

Luckily, only 22 days left until it is back to school. Today we packed our backpacks with the supplies that we already have. Only a few more things to get. I'm looking forward to them going off to school. One thing I did learn this past week at camp is that Kalli is extremely attached to me. It should be very interesting to see how she does going to 4 year old Kindergarten.


In other news. Today was my cousin's birthday and while I wished him a Happy Birthday already, there is something nice about doing it on here...publicly.

Happy Birthday Matt!!