August 7, 2008

Tomorrow is the last Vacation Bible Camp. Yeah!

Don't get me wrong. The girls are loving it...except for the little bit of separation anxiety that Kalli has...and it is nice to have them involved in something. But it makes for a long day. Especially when I am there the entire day.

This week I've been up at 730 every day, out the door by 815-830, and at church until 3. Then it is home for supper, try to have some normalcy to the evening, and get the kids to bed so we can get up and do it all over the next day. The kids are tired and missing our somewhat of a schedule. I'm exhausted and just want to stay home for a day.

Next week I'm hoping to have a calm week staying home most of the time. Get a trip to the library in there and otherwise just stay home and rest. We're counting down to the beginning of school now and another change in schedule.

Tonight my niece is staying overnight. She is attending VBS also and came home with us tonight and I'll bring her back to camp in the morning. Cassie and Kalli are thrilled having her over, and Kyra is such a well behaved child that I don't mind having her with at all.

We had supper and then had to head back to church for mass tonight that the kids were to sing at. On the way we stopped off for some ice cream. While we were waiting for ice cream Cassie and Kyra were playing. When I asked what they were playing they told me that they were playing make the world. Cassie was God and Kyra was Jesus. Kyra built things for the world and Cassie placed them. I think VBS is wearing off on them. I know some of the songs are getting stuck in my head!!