I can't fix 'I don't know'.

The girls are in their beds.

Kalli - Mommy, Cassie needs you.

I go in and Cassie is crying quietly.

Me - Cassie, what is wrong?
Cassie - I don't know.
Me - Are you tired?
Cassie - I think so, but I can't sleep.
Me - Honey, you've only been laying down for about 5 minutes. No one falls asleep that fast. Unless you're Daddy.
(Cassie giggles)
Me - It takes time to fall asleep and until then you have to just lay and rest.

Cassie cries a little more and clings to me.

I climb into bed with her and rub her back while making up a sing-songy song for her. (Something that I know she loves when I do.) She closes her eyes and calms right down.

After about 5 minutes of laying with her singing I go to get up.

Me - relax and get some sleep, dolly.
Cassie - (rolls over) I'll try

I absolutely hate when she cries and isn't sure why it is that she is crying. I can't fix "I don't know". And being a mom, I want to fix things for her. I don't like knowing that already she is crying without knowing the reasons. And seeing her look at me with tears in her eyes just eats at my insides. No one told me how hard being a Mommy was going to be.