July 4th weekend

This past weekend just happened to include my favorite holiday of the year. Hooray for the 4th of July!!

It was a very busy weekend full of fun and family time.

The 4th included a couple hours downtown to check out the festivities down there and watching the bit fireworks from 'our spot'. The girls enjoyed the fireworks, but Kalli was a little nervous about them being loud. She kept covering her head with her blanket and covering her ears. Luckily the spot that we watch the fireworks from is a ways away and therefore, not as loud.

On the 5th (Saturday) we took the girls to a close by Drive-In to see Wall-E and Indiana Jones. We were met there by Andy's brother and his wife, and the girls two cousins. One of which is visiting from Nevada. Cassie and Kalli had a blast and by the end of the night Kalli was the only one awake. The other kids (9, 8, and Cassie 7) were all sleeping in our van. It was a super night, with the exception of how cranky Cassie was when we had to move her and she woke up. Note to not wake Cassie under any circumstances. That girl is not in a good mood when she is woken. Must take after me. Oops...

Overall the weekend was a complete success and everyone had a great time. Hope that your weekend was equally as enjoyable and that you had a wonderful Fourth of July.