BPAP back in session

Not a whole lot to report here. My body is again holding meetings of Body Parts Against Paula (BPAP) Seems that my stomach has joined in and as a side effect of the meeting I now have a cold. Wanna know how much I'm enjoying it? Not. At. All.

On Monday I went to the doctor because of severe stomach pain that I've been having for 2 weeks and nausea that I've been dealing with for about a month. The diagnosis, I have raw areas in my stomach due to my acid reflux (which hasn't been under control for a while.) While we are pretty sure I have no ulcers yet, I need to get things under control before it gets worse. For the time being, that means watching what I eat (caffeine, foods that my stomach doesn't like, etc.) and also adding a acid controlling pill to my regiment.

Hopefully this will end the BPAP meetings for now. I can hope.

The girls have been very helpful lately as they know that I'm not feeling up to par. Today while I was sitting on the couch with Cassie, she reached over and started rubbing my back. She is so sweet and compassionate. I hope that this is a trait she always has.