400th post

FYI: This is my 400th post on this site. Go me!! And thank you for reading.


Ever since Becky and I started camping (which seems like eons ago) I've loved kayaking. Every time we've gone to Peninsula State Park for camping, we rent a kayak for a couple hours and tool around in the water. It is like my personal little heaven.

Yesterday we met my brother and his girlfriend out at a lake and went canoing for while. I should have loved it....right? Wrong! I was so nervous and kept getting dizzy. Any time the canoe rocked at all I was all "stop it from moving please".

I've never been so nervous on the water. I can swim, the water wasn't very deep even in the middle of the lake, and I love being in and around water. Even my brother was shocked by my reaction. He kept asking what was wrong with me. My only answer....Ever since I had my shunt surgery (August 2007) I get dizzy easily and also get motion sickness. I'm considering calling my neurologist to see about maybe making an adjustment to the shunt to see if that helps. Luckily, they can make adjustments without surgery.

Andy out with my brother and his girlfriend

For the past month my nephew has been in town from out of state. I've gotten to know him a little bit and the girls have been able to get to know their cousin. Tonight we had dinner with him for probably the last time before he goes back home. There were no tears (Which I was worried about) but it was still quite sad knowing we won't see him for a long time now.

We ate out at Happy Joe's and the kids all played for tickets. My nephew came and asked if he could buy the girls a couple things. I said that he could, but they were his tickets so if he wanted to buy himself things only, that was fine. He ended up buying each of the girls a wand and a little Chinese-type fan. I thought it was very sweet of him to share some of his tickets in that way.

Then, as we were leaving he gave me a bracelet that he had gotten. I put it on and it is still on at this moment. He is such a sweet boy and I'm going to really miss him.