Weekend details

This weekend was a busy one. I feel like we didn't get to sit down much at all.

It started Saturday morning with a field trip with the Girl Scouts. We went to the Wisconsin Equestrian Center and were shown how to care for a horse. Let me just say that Cassie was in heaven!! Each girl got to feed the horse (Toya, the horse, was thrilled to be getting fed so much) and ride the horse.

As the girls were riding, those that weren't had carrots and apples that the horse didn't eat. Kalli chose an apple. She ate the whole thing. Literally. She was eating it when I looked down and noticed that she was literally eating the whole apple. She ate the skin, the flesh, the seeds, and the core!! By the time that I noticed it there was no good in doing anything about it. Though, Andy did take it away when she got down to the last bit of it so that she didn't eat the stem.

After the field trip, and dropping off one of the girls that rode with us, we went to help Andy's parents move some more of their things. Once done 730pm...we went to my mom's to visit some, drop the girls off to sleep there, and join them for a fire. At 10:30 as we were sitting around the fire, Kalli crawled onto my lap and within minutes was asleep. At 11:30 I put her in my parents bed and went home.

Let's move onto Sunday. Started the day with laundry and spending time with my dad. At 2:30, we headed to Andy's parents for a barbecue and hanging out.

And, because a certain person mentioned the word "park" (and it wasn't me) lol. We ended up going to the park to let the girls play with their niece. It was a very good weekend, but very tiring also.

And the saddest part was that Cassie was up at 5:00 this morning. The girl is nuts!