June 15, 2008

To all the daddies out there...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! tired! I feel like all we do lately is run run run. This weekend was a little nuts and I promise to blog about it tomorrow. However, I did want to get something posted tonight for my die hard fans. Hi there fans!

Tonight on the way home Andy and I were talking about how it was getting late and that the girls still needed supper. I said that we needed to throw food at the girls so that we could get them to bed. From the backseat Cassie says, "we are like seals!" And she claps the back of her hands together. It took me a little bit to figure out what she was talking about... She was saying when we 'throw' food at them they'd be like seals.

As we are in the car tonight Kalli is looking around and notices that the sun is going down. She says "What a beautiful rainset." Either she was confused about the word sunset, or she agrees that we've been getting a lot of rain lately.

More when my batteries have recharged.