June 17, 2008

After lunch with Becky today, we were on our way home and I started to zone (Andy was driving...don't worry) All of a sudden I "woke" up and couldn't remember where I had put something that I had gotten. Also, I couldn't remember much about dropping Becky back off at work. I don't think that it is good when you can't remember things that happened less then 15 minutes ago. I'm thinking that I need to get more sleep. Lately I've been really pushing myself and not really taking care of myself. I think that it may be time that I start taking a little bit more care. Or at least trying.

I'm also thinking about starting to blog in the afternoon instead of the night. Reason being that by the time I'm blogging (which right now is 1 a.m.) I can't think of anything to write about and I'm too tired to care. So...hopefully tomorrow, maybe during our 30 minute quiet time, I'll work on posting. No promises though. It may be 1:00 tomorrow morning and I'll be sitting here pondering what to type about.

You know, there are some days that not much of anything happens...those days are hard to post about. I may have to keep a list of random things to write about for during those days.