June 16, 2008

Look at my new, I mean helpers. I was working on dishes tonight and Cassie asked to help. After figuring out how she could do it for the longest (sitting on stool) and getting Kalli set up with rinsing, they started singing, "What's going to work? Team work!" They finished up my dishes for me and have asked to help tomorrow night as well. I'm just glad that I don't pay for water.


Today we tried to get a little more of a routine going. After lunch, I played Wii (not really part of the routine, but it assisted in making a quiet time) and Cassie laid down on the couch and slept. I was very surprised that she slept, but she did it on her own and was obviously tired as she slept for an hour.

After she woke up, I had Cassie work on a worksheet from her book. After making corrections and such, her and Kalli played for a bit and then we had supper. After supper the girls helped clean up the living room and their room. Then they put their clothes away, and got ready for bed before playing until bedtime.

While playing today I caught some cute moments on camera. Check it out.

Cassie putting on Kalli's pads before Kalli roller skates in the living room.

With skates on, the girls are even closer in height.