Flash Back

Lets rewind four years. I started off the day very pregnant (about 8 months pregnant) and hoping to get through the day without throwing up. I had my little friend, Zofran, to assist in that area, but didn't always remember to take it. One would think that if you found a way not to be sick, you'd remember to do what needed to be done. I never said I was good at helping myself.

I went all day as a pregnant woman and into the evening. Then I started feeling funny. See, here is the funny thing about me. I really didn't know I was in labor with either of the girls until things were really far along. With Cassie, I got quiet when contractions were just about off the page, but otherwise didn't know what was going on. That was until my water broke. Then...I knew. But I digress. I started to feel funny. No pain. I just couldn't get comfortable and couldn't pinpoint why. I ended up going into the hospital.

Side note: When you are 8 months pregnant and you have to go to the hospital you really don't want to go in because you are sure that they will send you home without a baby. And at 8 months all you want is that baby out of you and in your arms. Going in isn't something you want to do unless someone can promise you that you'll have the baby. Since no one can make that promise without you going into said hospital, you go grudgingly.

After being checked out by the on call doctor, they give us our options.

  1. Be given a pill to stop labor and go home once it has stopped. (note after being given this pill with Cassie my water broke)
  2. Have C-section, as planned, and baby tonight. (doctor informed us that sometimes baby needs to get out because something isn't right inside and your body automatically does this. stopping it may not be a good thing. Downfall is that baby's lungs may not be fully developed yet especially if due date is off.)

My first mental reaction is "Number 2 please!". But we discuss it while the doctor gives us time and make the call to my parents who have Cassie to let them know. I am secretly overjoyed because I want this baby in my arms already. Also knowing that Cassie was born at 8 months gives me comfort. My body just does 8 month pregnancies. Don't you feel bad for me?

I am readied and such, and skip to the good part.... at 11:23pm Kalli Jean is born. She was such a little peanut with big feet. Hey, if you came to see me that was one of the first things that I said. And I had to show you too.

Four years later, here we are. She has an attitude of a teenager at times, she tries my patience, and is one of the most precious things in my life. I wouldn't trade her for the world. And as I tell her and her sister, I love her more then all the stars in the sky.