March 18, 2008

As I've mentioned numerous times, I'm sick of winter. At the past Girl Scout meeting, I tried to help spring along by making some spring flowers. I did this by using coffee filters and letting the girls color them as they wanted. I then used a pipe cleaner as a stem to hold the filter into a flower-like shape. Yesterday the girls and I continued making a couple flowers. I got a wild idea to color the coffee filters using food coloring and water. The outcome was pretty cool and I made a total of 3 flowers this way. I put my 3 in a vase with the girls' flowers and they are now out trying to cheer up the apartment.


Also yesterday I was asking Kalli questions about letters. I started out with questions like what does C-A-T spell. When she knew those answers I started asking what letter makes this sound questions. I went through almost all the constantants and she knew them. With the exception that she said that 'Y' made the 'W' sound. Easy one to confuse though. Finally last night I asked her to write a couple numbers. Here is what she did. When did she learn this stuff? And how soon can she start school??