Go Go Go

This is what we did all day today. It felt like we spent the entire day in the car. Kalli even took an hour nap in the car.

Cassie had a birthday party today for one of her friends. This is the fourth party that she has been invited to this school year. I love that she is invited to so many parties, however it gets expensive when you have to buy a gift each time she is invited to a party.

Lucky for Cassie, I'm glad that she is invited and has so many friends, so I suck it up.

We had high hopes that tomorrow Cassie will return to school. That was until she started having diarrhea again. I'm hoping that this is just because of the medicine that she was on and not the beginning of another stomach virus.


Today after we dropped Cassie off at her party, Kalli began to cry. She whimpered "I love my big sister, I miss my big sister." She pretty much cried until she fell asleep. When Cassie does go back to school, it should be interesting. I'm also already dreading the end of summer when Kalli is used to having Cassie there everyday.