February 20, 2008

Tonight was a lunar eclipse. I of course was a nut and went out to take pictures of it. In the cold. I did a couple really nice pictures though.


Earlier today we brought home the newest member of our family, Lightning. He is absolutely adorable and such a love. He LOVES cuddling and wants to be petted pretty much constantly. I am impressed that even when he is hurting he is like this. promised I'll tell you what Buffy thinks of him. She is not a fan. After we got him settled in our bedroom, we closed the door and ate some lunch. Buffy came out of the girls room looking for where the new scent was coming from. Her tail was all poofed out and she didn't look real thrilled. She nosed at the bottom of the door, and then went back to sleep on the top bunk in the girls room.

Later, Andy had Lightning on his lap and I brought Buffy in to see Lightning. I held her and didn't put her down. I just wanted to see what her reaction would be to another cat being in the house. Her reaction...she hissed, growled, and gave him the evil eye (if cats can give the evil eye) She was not happy at all with him being there. I'm sure that if she could have talked she would have said "what is HE was doing here and when is HE going home?".

Lightning's reaction?? He looked at like she was nuts. If he could talk he would have probably said "What is your problem lady? You are nuts!"

Until Lightning is fully healed they won't really have any meetings without being held. I don't know what Buffy would do...or him, but I want him to be able to get away if needed or whatever. I'm sure there will be a showdown for dominance at some point. And my guess is that Lightning will let Buffy have it. And probably look at her like she is crazy in the process. He just wants the loving and petting. I love that he is so laid back.