February 20, 2008

This morning Kalli was upset with Cassie because Cassie was laying on the couch and she wanted to lay on the couch. I know....aweful, isn't it?

First Kalli went into her room and closed the door, but after just a few seconds she came out and said "I'm angry."

I answered that I knew that she was angry, but if she wanted to go onto the couch, she'd have to share with Cassie.

Kalli then takes a piece of paper and pencil and sits at the counter. "How do you spell angry? I spell it slowly knowing that she is probably making her little dashes and lines that she makes when she is writing. When she finishes she shows me this.

Whoa, when did she learn to write? I think she just woke up this morning and poof she could write. She wrote the A-N-G without any help. I had to show her how to make a R and then she did the Y.!!!

Then of course she was all excited and wanted to write more. Here is what she wrote.

In case you can't tell....that is ANGRY, NO, NO, and KALLI. Along with a couple stray letters...a R and an A.

It's like she grew up even more overnight. And the fact that she wanted to write the word angry tells me that there will be diaries in her future.