Site Change....again

Yes....I changed my site again.

The first change I made was to put up a new banner...I'm trying to change it monthly. This way I get practice in Photoshop and also you get to see new pretty banners.

The second change is that I changed the layout. I did this because I want the page to look good on no matter what computer or settings that you are using. I noticed that on certain computers things were cut off or just didn't look as nice. Therefore I made changes so that hopefully it looks good to everyone. Let me know if looks awful to you. Unless you are just trying to be a jerk...then I don't want to hear from you. :)

The past several weeks I've had very sore legs at night. My legs just ache until I'm almost in tears. I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm thinking about buying stock in Ibuprofen.

So, let me apologize for the shortness of this blog. However, it is 2am and I'm going to go take something for my legs and head to bed.

Night all.