Are you listening close?

Tonight Cassie and I are sitting on the couch cuddling. Cassie has diarrhea again. I guess her Gastroenteritis isn't gone after all. Kalli is dancing in front of us singing songs that she is making up. Something about being a princess and about when she is a 5th grader *we were watching "Are You Smarter Then a Fifth Grader"* She has two of the cat's toys that are on sticks and she is swinging them around as she dances and spins. Think baton twirler crossed with one of those flag girls. She is whipping the toys around and every now and then hitting herself. This is no big deal to her.....part of being a professional singer/dancer I guess.

Buffy is watching her intensely. And when Kalli stops to take a small break Buffy makes her move. She pounces on her toy rolling with it. Kalli is outraged by this. She pulls the toy away from Buffy yelling, "No, you can't have these...they are not for you!" By now I'm stifling my laugh. They ARE the cat's toys, aren't they??

A little later the same situation happens. Buffy stalks them until Kalli stops moving and again pounces. This time Kalli is furious with Buffy. She yanks the toys away and says very sternly "They are not for you. Do you hear what I saying? Are you listening close?" With that Kalli goes back to dancing and Buffy is just stares at her like she is nuts for a good 10 seconds and walks away. I do love that Buffy knows when us humans have lost our minds and gives up on us.