Now's your chance...I'm asking for your opinion, peanut gallery.

Remember back in November when I participated in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)? Well the creator of NaBloPoMo, Eden, sent an email out saying that they are going monthly. Meaning that

"you'll have twelve opportunities a year to jump-start your blogging by posting thirty (or thirty-one, or twenty-eight, or you know what I mean) days in a row with a bunch of other crazy people!"
It does not mean that I'd have to post 365 days of the year. There is a special group for those people...I think they all live together in an Asylum for the Insane.

What NaBloPoMo is doing is letting people sign up for one month at a time...whichever months they want...and blog for that entire month. Which, honestly, is a much better deal then those nuts that are blogging for 365 days!

I'm actually thinking about doing a couple months here and there. Just to keep myself going. They even have topics that they will suggest for blogging.

Who thinks I should go for it? Give me your or comment to this post.


Anonymous said...

Well you asked for my opinion so here it is....I think you should do the 365 days!! LOL with those 2 funny little creatures that you created you should be able to do that....they are soooo funny!! But I would settle for 3 or 4 months of solid good reading in the morning with my coffee!! I love you!! TG&WAM X2