Calgone, where are you??

Calgone, take me away!!

It is 9:30 pm right now and I just got the girls to bed. I could so use a drink.

Tonight there was a dance at Cassie's school. Cassie was very excited about it and asked about every 5 minutes after school if it was time to go. We went and the girls had a grand time running around chasing people. Let me just clarify for anyone that doesn't know elementary school the kids don't dance. They just pretty much chase each other with music as background noise. It's a blast.

(Cassie and her friend, Allison)

Seriously though, the girls both had fun and that is all that mattered. A couple of Cassie's friends were there and they had a good time. There was one boy, Joseph, that kept getting in front of Cassie and dancing. I'm not sure if he was trying to dance with her or just bug her. She would just laugh and roll around him. (She used her wheelchair because of all the stupid snow out there!)

At 8:00 the dance was finished and Cassie started to cry. She didn't want it to end. After several hugs from her friends and a promise from me that we would stop and pick up something to eat on the way home, we made our way out into the snow.

On the way home I started to tell the girls how things would go when we got home. Eat, get ready for bed, sleep. Then I had a conversation with Kalli that had her crying. Would you like to know what was said? Yes? Well here it all it's sad glory.

Me: When we get home, you both will eat and then I'll change Cassie's diaper.
Kalli: I don't wear diapers
Me: I know, I said Cassie's diaper
Kalli: When I get bigger I'll wear diapers
Me: No, hunny, Cassie only wears diapers because of her Spina Bifida. You'll always wear underwear.
Kalli: But, I want to wear diapers
----Crying ensues

Yes, you read that right...Kalli was crying because she doesn't get to wear diapers. And I wonder why I'm getting white hair and loosing my mind.

PS...Happy Valentine's Day!