New news...

This afternoon Cassie had an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor.

The reason: She is sleeping horribly. At midnight/2am she is up and wide awake. Says that she can't sleep anymore. I tell her to close her eyes and rest. She tosses and turns, turns and tosses, and never really gets to sleep. Then during the day she is emotional and cries at the drop of a pin. While she is asleep she snores and sleeps in the weirdest positions.

About a week ago or so we saw her regular doctor who referred us to have a sleep study done. The ENT looked over her charts though and asked to see her before she went to the sleep study appointments. Today was that appointment.

Results: The ENT said that Cassie's tonsils are quite large. In fact they are almost touching each other. They think that because of this she isn't getting good sleep because she has trouble breathing and such. Therefore, Cassie is going to be having her tonsils and adenoids out on February 29.

The surgery is actually quite a big deal. We have to be there at 6:45 for the 8:00 surgery, she will have to stay for 3-4 hours after surgery to make sure that she is doing well enough to go home. She will come home on narcotics and will have to be off of school for 10-14 days.

When Cassie found out that she has to have this surgery she had 2 responses.
1- That'll be 14 surgeries....that is too many!
2- Excitement when she found out that she gets to have lots of ice cream.