February 5, 2008

This morning we had an appoint at Cassie's school. The appointment wasn't for Cassie though. It was for Kalli. Today was her Speech appointment to find out if she qualified for Speech through the schools.

At 7:00 the alarm went off and I sent Andy out to get Cassie some breakfast. The girls had moved into our room at about 2 this morning. (This is something we are working on breaking...so far it isn't going so well.) I worked on getting up. Let me just say that I suck at mornings. Once Cassie, Andy and I were all dressed, we went to wake Kalli. I pulled the blankets back and grabbed her jeans. Kalli then pulled the covers back over her. After a little bit, we finally got her dressed and into her jacket. We headed to the school.

What did we find out? Found out that Kalli qualifies for speech. Big surprise, huh? We figured that she would, but we had to go through the hoops first. So hoops jumped, and she will be starting speech next week sometime.


Cassie was back to school today after being off for almost a week with Gastroenteritis. (aka stomach flu) She is finally getting back to normal. I'm just hoping she continues to improve. I really hate when she is sick.

As we brought her into the school, there must have been about 10 people who stopped her to say "hi" and to tell her that they missed her. Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to know how much she is liked and that so many people, both students and teachers, care about her. When I picked her up tonight she said it was like that all day.

She liked being back.