Let me count the ways

So tonight is Cassie's slumber party with 3 of her friends...who also happen to make up the entire Girl Scout Troop. AND....I'm still sane. Mind you that it is after midnight right now and the girls have just stopped whispering. But I'm still in my right mind and the girls have been very well behaved.

I have, however, noticed how much I love my children. I mean I always know that I love my children. They are my babies after all. But it isn't until I see and am with other children that I realize how much I appreciate the children I've been blessed with.

Don't get me wrong...tonight went very well. The girls all played until 930, at which time we put in a movie and they settled into spots in the living room. When the movie was finished, they took turns brushing teeth and going to the bathroom. Then I helped get them all settled into bed and it was lights out. I only had to go into the room 2 times to remind them that it was late and time to get some rest. And now, at 12:15, there is no more whispering. No giggling. And no shh-ing.

Over all I think that the slumber party was a success. And, though I'm probably more nuts for saying this....I'd do it again.

Now could someone get my straight jacket for me....I'm a little cold.