Let the good times roll

Let me just tell you that we know how to have a good time. You think that you know how, but it is nothing compared to the good time that we know how to have. We rock at good times. We are the good time king and queen. Oh yeah!

Today Cassie had her "date" with Auntie Becky and later Tony and Kelli came over to have dinner with us. We watched the first half of the Super Bowl and then at half time Kalli started yelling about having to go pottie. Here is where we start to rock our good time selves. Kalli had diarrhea. She had already gone some too. I got her cleaned up, into clean clothes and we started to get them ready for bed. Kalli is walking around singing "I got diarrhea.... I got diarrhea....I got diarrhea..." I was in the bedroom when Andy comes walking in and says "She went again."

It had only been about 10 minutes and we've now gone through 2 underwear. As I'm in cleaning her up some again Andy checks on Cassie. She has diarrhea too. Still. It isn't constant, but it is daily...since Tuesday! She needs to be changed also. See....rocking good time!

I ran to the store to pick up some pull-ups to put on Kalli until her bout with diarrhea is done. She isn't happy about the "nighttime" underwear, but she understands. So now they are both in our room resting. I doubt Cassie will be going to school tomorrow. I'm wishing that this bug would just leave already.

And you thought you knew how to have a good time. You're jealous aren't you?