And our family grows a little more.

Editors Note: It was brought to my attention that the story I told about how Cassie's tooth came loose wasn't correct. I thought this is how it happened, but here is the real story. My dad washed Cassie's mouth and when he was finished she grabbed the washcloth in her mouth. My mom said that she would tickle Cassie and when Cassie opened her mouth, my dad should get the washcloth. Only when he took the washcloth out, the tooth came loose. This is the real story. Let's just say that when teeth are ready to come out...they are ready.


I'd like to introduce you the newest member of our family. His name...Lightning. He is a one year one month year old kitty and mainly grey with some striping. He is more grey then he looks in this picture.
Better picture will be coming of course. This morning he had surgery to.....fix him and declaw him. Tomorrow morning he comes home. We are all very excited. At least us humans are. Buffy doesn't know what is going down, but she'll adjust.

Buffy is part of the reason we got him. For the past several months she has been waking me up for loving at about 4 am. She also is more vocal and wants to play more. By getting her a friend, she'll have someone else to drive crazy and spend some of that energy on. At least that is one of our hopes.

Kalli has been unusually cranky lately. I'm not sure if she is teething (I've looked in her mouth, but saw nothing interesting) or if she is just going through a phase. Yesterday while Cassie was at school she was asking for something to eat. Andy told her that she had to finish her lunch before she got anything else. She then came to me whining/crying and said that she wanted soemthing to eat. I also told her that she needed to finish her lunch first. At this she shrieked "But I want something else to eat." I told her "No, you have to eat lunch first" To this, she threw her blanket down onto the floor, followed closely by her body. She cried/screamed and then did something that she hardly ever does. She pounded her fists on the floor as she kicked her legs.

And me, being the wonderful mom that I am, looked at Andy who was trying not to laugh out loud, and went to get my camera.
After taking a couple pictures, I ignored her. She did get over it pretty quick. Though between this and the fact that from time to time she slams her bedroom door, it makes me wonder how much fun her teenage years will be.