February 12, 2008

Last night was a very rough night. I only got about 1.5 hours of sleep and the girls were up from about 2-430am. Sleeping is something that the girls have somehow forgot how to do. They are up in middle of the night and want to come into our room. We try to keep them in their own room, but after hours of fighting we somehow give in.

Tonight I'm making a responsibilities chart. The chart will include things that are the girls responsibilities to do. Number one on the list is going to be sleeping in own bed all night so they get good sleep (and in turn hopefully we can get some good sleep)

Other things on their lists are going to include cleaning up toys at the end of the day, eating their meals, for Kalli...toileting herself, and for Cassie...putting her own winter stuff on (including zipping her jacket!) and making sure to bring home all the things she needs from school.

Cassie has been very forgetful when it comes to bringing all the things she needs home everyday. She also has gotten lazy about zipping her own jacket. I know that part of it is her age. She wants to see how far she can push things. We are working on getting Cassie to take responsibility for her own things and be a little more organized. The biggest thing is trying to find an incentive for her.


I think Kalli is getting new teeth. She has been very whiny and clingy. She also isn't happy with anything lately. She'll be hungry, but nothing we offer her is what she wants. In fact, she doesn't have a clue to what she wants. All she keeps saying over and over is "I want something else!" I finally get to the point that I look at her and say, "I want you to stop whining and that isn't working either."

Kalli doesn't find the humor in it though.