January 12, 2008

Tonight we rearranged the girls bedroom. Andy helped me put the bunk bed together where I wanted it and I did the rest. So I guess I should say that I did the girls room with Andy's help.

I have it almost all finished. Just have to go through stuffed animals and a few toys. Then I get to move the toys from the living room into their room. I'm hoping to have my living room look like a living room again instead of a toy store that was taken over by gang of children with no parental supervision. Becky knows what I'm talking about.

Hopefully by the time Cassie's party rolls around tomorrow, the apartment will look presentable. Although I won't go that far because we never seem to get around to cleaning our bedroom. No one needs to go in there though. Really...just close the door and forget that we have a room.


Today it snowed. Yeah, just a few days ago we had a thunderstorm. And today...snow. And although I really want spring, I have to admit that the snow was very pretty. It was the big fluffy wet snow. The kind that you just want to go out in and build a snowman. Or at least send the hubby out to build a snowman in. I took a few minutes to go out and walk around and take some pictures. I know, big surprise. I really need to find a job where they would pay me to take pictures.


Yesterday Cassie attended a birthday party of one of her friends at the Build a Bear Workshop. She had lots of fun and came home with this.

Kalli said that they are going to share it because she "loves her big sister". So far, Cassie seems to be ok with it too.