Dear Mother Nature......take 2

Dear Mother Nature:

Let me clarify my last letter. I would like Spring now. The entire season of Spring. Not a little rain that will make the roads slick as the temperature drops and then turn to snow that will pile up even more.

I'm tired of the snow, the cold, and mostly winter as a whole. I'm finished with the season. We had our good times and now it is last call and time to go home. We (and by we, I don't mean me) made 2 snowmen already and have shoveled more times then we want to talk about. So let's move on. Let's end Winter.

I know that you are finicky lady and like to play games with us. You like to throw a warm day or two in there just to get our hopes up. Then you slap us in the face with bitter cold and winds that make our eyes water. I can see how this could be entertaining to you. I can just imagine you watching, waiting, knowing that we are enjoying ourselves like drunks on New Year's Eve. Knowing how the cold is going to hit us like a hangover that keeps the room spinning until the following afternoon. I can even see you laughing, holding your splitting sides, and wetting yourself with the joy.

Know this though, Mother Nature. I will be here silently cursing you. Cursing the cold and the wind. Cursing the ice and snow. Cursing how unhappy my car sounds when it has to start up each day. And with every curse, I will be thinking of you.

So why not skip all that and just bring spring. Please.


PS. If you could see a way to help my mom get over her cold while you're at it, we'd appreciate it. I told her that I'd ask. Thanks again.