Spring Break 2010

I'm rewinding a bit back to last week during the girl's 'Spring Break'.

Not only did Cassie get her first eye brow wax, and we visit Chuck E Cheese...we also went WILD!

Cassie took the car out for a spin on the town. Being as short as she is and the fact that she is only 9,
she really had to concentrate on her driving hence the intense look.

Being as wild as the girls get, they headed out for a night out on the town
and found themselves happily Cage Dancing

In the end Kalli booked the trip for the two of them and they went on Safari.
Those wild girlies!!

Okay, so not that wild. But it was fun to spoof on the 'Girls gone Wild' title. That is until I was making the sign on the ground in the driveway and the girls kept yelling, "GIRLS GONE WILD". Go ahead try to explain to a 5 and 9 year old why they shouldn't be yelling that out loud.

And the moral of the story: My girls were a little too excited about "Girls Gone Wild" and therefore will be grounded for every spring break until they are married.