March 16, 2010

Yesterday I received my 2010 Census paperwork. Today I put it back in the mailbox completed. Aren't I just a model citizen? Hey, either I do it right away or it gets buried in my mess and I won't find it til months later.

Don't look at me like that....like it never happens to anyone else.

I spent some more time in the basement tonight trying to get my area organized. Well organize my area, do some laundry, and get rummage sale things priced and packed up. There you go...again I am a multi-tasker.

I am getting somewhere down there, but it is slow going. There is more down there then you would think and as I can't just sit down there and do it for any length of time, it stretches the task out. Some day though....Some day. I will have things happy down there and will be able to utilize the space.

My cats are odd. The two of them together love each other completely as if they were from the same litter. However, they are polar opposites.

Buffy (our female) is more to herself. She will come to you when she needs loving. Many times this happens in the early...EARLY morning hours when she paws at the closet day until I hiss her name. At which point she jumps on the bed and comes up to me, as if to say, "Oh...you are awake. I love you....pet me!" And if, heaven forbid, I fall asleep before she feels that she has had enough love she will go paw at the closet again.

Lightning (our male) is loving ALL THE TIME! Seriously. Like annoyingly so. He will even follow you to the bathroom, sit on the girl's stool for the sink, and then 'meow' at you while sitting up on his back legs and waving his front ones in the air. He sleeps on the bed up next to my pillow. But at least he no longer sleeps on me. He is what the girls call, "our lover kitty".

However, Lightning will eat anything. The cat chews on shoes (especially the foam type), he actually ate a goldfish cracker off the floor the other day that Kaitlynn had dropped, and he is more active during the day then at night. He actually sleeps all night with me. Buffy won't even eat soft cat food. And trust me we've tried different kinds as treats. Buffy sleeps all day...in the sun that makes its way in the windows if possible.

Buffy also loves to be as high as possible. Lightning can't jump for the life of him and when put up high won't move. Pretty sure he is scared of heights. When people come over Lightning believes that they are here for him and because they have hands they should be petting him. Buffy usually goes and hides as soon as someone comes into the house. Though she is getting better about staying around.

They are so opposite and yet they are so compatible and inseparable. I can't imagine them being apart.

They are also a little crazy. Lightning tries to eat things that cats shouldn't and just today Buffy was laying on the back of the couch licking it. Yeah...they fit into this family perfectly.