Life is just full of interesting twists!

So, earlier today I was thinking about possibly writing a post tonight. However, what to post about? This is the hard question.

I could post about how many gifts are around our Christmas tree and that I can't even see part of my tree. In fact, getting close to the tree is a feat in itself.

However, we ended up having some excitement tonight so that is what I get to post about.

This afternoon my mom and dad brought the girls home and as Cassie was coming towards the door she tripped on a cord (that was plugging in my Hippo) and fell. Upon falling she grabbed her hand. I was right at the door and called for Andy's help to get her in. We got her in and she was holding her thumb sobbing. I got her ice and she held it there for about 15 minutes. At this point I looked at her thumb and saw that though we had iced it right away, it still was quite swollen. Also, it hurt Cassie for me to just touch it.

At this point I decided that we would go into First Care to have it checked out. I really didn't want to have to go in later in the evening when it still wasn't doing good.

We arrived, got checked in, had the doctor look at it, got x-rays taken, and waited. While we waited I took a few pictures with my phone and we played a few games. Yeah for iphones!! Here are the pictures of Cassie's thumb.

Just a little swollen, eh? And I don't think that this picture even does it justice. Fast forward several gosh they were busy in that ER/First Care tonight. When the doctor finally came in to let us know what was going on Cassie's thumb was still very swollen, her ice pack (that she had kept on from home til that point) was warm, and some serious bruising was starting to form.

The news that the doctor delivered made Cassie cry. Her thumb was fractured. It is a small fracture, but still....broken. They put her in a hard splint, wrapped it with an Ace Bandage. She has to wear this until she gets in to see an orthopedic doctor. From there, they will decide what they want to do.

Now can we just talk for a second about the guilt that mothers face when their child is injured? While we were waiting at the hospital and I was looking at the swelling and the bruising that was starting, I figured it was broken. I also googled 'signs of a broken thumb' while we waited. Of course, because Cassie is who she is, I didn't say anything about this.

As I put her to bed tonight and watched her struggle to crawl up the stairs, get situated in bed, and took a picture of her hand/arm to share with ya'll.....I couldn't help but be thankful that she is such a strong little girl. The doctor even asked if her thumb was throbbing. When Cassie said no, the doctor said that she is a tough young lady. And that she is. She is hating the struggles that this is causing, not enjoying having to come up with new ways to do things, and frustrated with things that she can't do for a while. However, she is dealing with it and being a trooper. I knew that one day her strong will and stubborn as a mule attitude would work in our favor.

In the meantime Cassie is having a blast trying to figure out how to get around. And I'm being entirely sarcastic when I say this. She can't use her loft-strand crutches because she needs her thumb for stability and such. Right now, can't put any pressure there. She can't crawl as she normally does at night when she takes her braces off because she only has one good hand. I've told her to try doing a hand, elbow type crawl, but she is having troubles with balance and such. And this isn't even to mention the facts that it is her right hand so buckling up in the car or wheelchair is impossible. Pushing herself in the wheelchair, doing transfers, eating, and getting dressed is all just a little more interesting at this point. I find myself laughing more and getting dirty looks from her. She doesn't see the humor in this at all.

Tonight before bed she was trying to write with her left hand because what if she is still in this splint when she goes back to school next week? Luckily she has always been pretty ambidextrous. I also find the timing pretty good since she is off for another week before having to go to school. This way she can get some time to heal, get used to things, and hopefully get in to see the doctor without having to miss school.

Life is so fun some times :)

And because I wanted Cassie to be able to show you things for herself and so you could get a sense her excitement....a video.