NaBloPoMo - Day 21

So I know that I said tonight I would tell you about Cassie's field trip and share pictures, however I'm very tired today and I have to be up sorta early tomorrow morning. Andy and I are going walking dogs tomorrow morning at the Happily Ever After Shelter. I love going out to the shelter and seeing the dogs. And even though it is hard, I love when they get adopted. Though I have to admit is harder on the girls.

I can say this now because the other morning they were talking about Rosie, the dog that we took care of at the Hiss and Howl event in October. The girls were saying that they want Rosie again next year and I said that Rosie isn't at the shelter anymore. Cassie and Kalli looked at me completely confused. I told them that she was adopted and now has a forever home. This is when the tears starting flowing. I explained that this is a good thing. The reason she found a forever home is because we did such a good job of caring for her that day and showing everyone how nice of a dog she was. And though we can't have a dog right now, we should feel good about being able to help out the dogs that we can. They agreed and then started talking about how they wonder what dog we will be able to have next year. What am I going to do about those girlies?

Anyway, we're headed to bed, but tomorrow I will really work on posting the story and pics. Maybe I'll have pics of dogs at the shelter too. And I most definitely have pictures of a certain little girl's birthday party because this next week, my little niece Kaitlynn (Miss Bella Bean) will be one year old. It is crazy to think she will already be one.

More tomorrow. Night