Graceful....she is not

Second post of the day. Look how I spoil you!

Yesterday Kalli went into my room where Cassie was on the computer. Cassie made a face at Kalli and Kalli turned and ran from the room. I was in the kitchen when Kalli went running by and ran straight into the corner of the wall. She bounced ever so gracefully off the wall and landed in a heap on the floor. This is when the crying began. I scooped her up and tended to her. Other then scared and a little sore she was fine. (As fine as you can be after running face first into a wall)

Tonight Kalli is sitting on my bed watching Cassie who is on the laptop. All of a sudden Kalli is on the floor and again is crying. Somehow, she slid off the bed and landed on her butt on the floor. I ask her what happened and she isn't quite sure. About 10 minutes later it happens again. I'm in the bathroom washing my face and getting ready for bed and Kalli starts crying. I come into the bedroom to find her on the floor again. This is becoming a trend with Kalli.

I find her falling, tripping, and running into things quite often. I am not sure if it is the fact that she is all limbs right now and doesn't know how to put one in front of the other without getting entangled or if she was just born with 2 left feet. There was once a time when she was younger that she walked into a sign at Pizza Hut. She had been following us until she started crying. I looked back to find her standing in front of a sign. As we sat down to eat a red line appeared down the length of her face.

I find myself thinking today the same thing I did back then. I should have given her the middle name of 'Grace'. At least then she would have some grace then.