Welcome 2009


I have a few pictures to share from our little New Year party with the girls and my nieces. First up is a picture of all the girlies. Yes, I know Cassie looks drunk. I don't know why. There was no alcohol being drank.

After Cassie, Kalli and Kyra headed to bed I did a mini photo shoot with Kaitlynn. She is always so good about my photo shoots. I'm hoping that she always like this with me.

While there was no alcohol drank, we did use it as a prop.

I did make sure to tell Kaitlynn that she could hold the beer, but couldn't drink it until she was 21. She didn't seem to mind. See me....good role model.

We had a blast with the girls and I personally loved having them all here to celebrate the coming of 2009.

Onward and Upward.