December 13, 2008

Today we had a party for Cassie's birthday with her friends. She was able to invite 8 friends over to our house because I'm, I mean because last year I told her that she could invite as many friends as she is old. Now I'm rethinking this because I'm looking into the future and how her 12th or 16th birthdays will be. I may have to rework these 'rules' as time goes on.

We did have a good turnout of friends as 6 of the 8 were able to come. Cassie and Kalli both had a blast, I got some nice pictures, and Cassie made a small haul. She couldn't have been happier with what she got. Her BFF (Best Friend Forever) got her a horse and I think this could be the favorite thing she received.

Things went so well today that Cassie even let Kalli help her open presents. I know, I was surprised as well.

After the party, Kalli went to grandma's to spend the night and Cassie's BFF was to spend the night. However, as it got closer to bedtime minds were changed and she ended up going home. Cassie was disappointed but after talking with her for a while, she understood that it is hard to stay at friends homes when you aren't used to it.

To help with her disappointment I let Cassie use my old point and shoot camera to take pictures. She loved it and I have to say that when she does start using a camera more often we're all in trouble. She is worse then me. Almost.