November 6, 2008

As I write this we are sitting in my bedroom watching 'Survivor'. This is a Thursday tradition now. The girls get settled on our bed and watch with 'Survivor' with us before bedtime. They love the extra time and getting to cuddle in our bed. (Sure, I'm not cuddling right now, but hey they need some "Daddy Time".)

The part that I'm finding a little funny is that when Andy tells the girls to settle down they look to me. It is like they aren't sure if they should listen to him or something. I just nod. Then after a little bit they aren't listening to him at all. This happens more then just when we are all sitting her in the bedroom. The girls will start to get a little on the loud side or just in general not be listening. I finally step in and just have to say something once and the girls calm right down.

Now don't get me wrong. It isn't often that the girls are in need of calming or that they don't listen to Andy, but I do find it funny that in the end I'm the one that is more of the disciplinarian. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that I'm the one home with them the most and they are used to having to listen to me.

After homework tonight Andy and I were sitting on the couch watching some television and the girls were playing at the table with some animals. When I looked over to see how they were getting along, I saw Kalli on Cassie's chair with her and Cassie was reading to Kalli.

It was so endearing to see them like this. The past couple days they've been kinder to each other and more sisterly. Makes me wonder if I'm doing something right and that maybe they are actually listening when I tell them that they need to be kind to each other and that you don't have to always "like" your sister, but you always have to "love" them. I'm hoping.