November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is over and we're moving right onto Christmas. Today was "Black Friday" and I got up before the sun to go shopping. I did get some shopping done, but have I mentioned how much I hate mornings? Yeah...despise them! Me and mornings are not so good of friends. I doubt that we ever will be.

After a nap today, I gave the girls two options:
1. Put fake Christmas tree up this weekend
2. Wait a few weeks and then go cut down our own live tree and decorate it at that point.

You may remember last year when we put up the fake tree only to have my brother and his girlfriend take the girls to get aid them in picking out their real tree. That trip had them coming home with a real one for us as well. Let me tell you again how much fun it was to put up and decorate a fake tree, take it down, and redecorate a real tree all in the same month. So much fun, I'm at a loss for words. Hence the options for the girlies.

Needless to say it'll be a few weeks before we have a tree up in our home. Now to just figure out where to put it.