November 25, 2008

Today. Was. Awesome.

At 9:15 I headed up to the hospital and at 2:50pm I became an Auntie again. That is the short version. Trina did, according to me, super and as of tonight when I left the hospital is doing very well. She and my brother in law are proud parents to a beautiful baby girl. Kaitlynn Bella is absolutely gorgeous and healthy to boot.

Tonight we brought the girls up to visit with their little cousin and Cassie was extremely taken with Kaitlynn. She talked to her baby cousin, watched her get her first bath (During which she asked the nurse giving the bath about 100 questions), and fell completely in love with her. I think that Cassie would do just about anything for that little girl at this point.

Kalli liked to watch her baby cousin, but was otherwise uninterested. She thought that she cried too loud and overall I think she wasn't sure what to think. She'll get more excited as time goes on, I'm sure. Before bed tonight she kept saying that she can't wait to see if Kaitlynn is a boy or a girl. I told her that she is a girl, but Kalli kept saying "no, we have to wait to see." After a little bit of the back and forth I gave up and agreed with her.

Top the day off with the fact that I was the personal photographer (I only took 118 pictures) and like I said earlier. Today. Was. Awesome.