November 24, 2008

Who on earth ordered the white fluffy stuff that is out there?

This morning I woke to 2.5 inches of snow on the ground. Cassie of course was very happy. Kalli, not so much. Her first words when she saw the snow was "Eww....snow" I had to agree. Though it did give me more photo opportunities. (You can only take so many pictures of leaves)

Kalli did warm up to the snow some once we were outside waiting for her bus though.

While the kids were at school I had some errands to run and also took a few minutes to go down to Baird's Creek to take pictures of the undisturbed beauty. It was so quiet down there, that I decided that on the days when the kids are driving me insane or when they are teens I'll be moving down there. You can find me in a tent by the creek living up the silence.

When both girls were home from school we let them play outside for about 30 minutes before supper and homework. The had a blast! Andy pulled them in the sled, they made snow angels, and made a small snowman. (Very small) It was a good day overall.

While I'm not looking forward to all the cold and the slippery roads, I am looking forward to doing more things with the girls this winter. Last winter when Andy worked in the evenings, it was hard for me to do things with them and not feel outnumbered. This year...It'll be so much easier with Andy home in the evenings. I know this probably excites him as well. :)

Yes, Kalli is eating snow here. I tried to tell her not to eat snow. She couldn't understand why she shouldn't. And honestly, I remember eating snow. Therefore, I changed what I told her to "don't eat any snow that isn't white". It is a good saying to live by.