November 23, 2008

Tonight the four of us cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. What movie did we watch, you ask? We watched a movie that we haven't sat down to watch since last year around this time. A movie that starts off our holiday season and a movie that, tonight, had me a little sad.

The Polar Express, while a very cute movie about a boy that is questioning the realness of Santa and Christmas magic, brings up a lot of issues for me. Like the fact that my girls are growing up. I know that it happens. Kids grow, break parents' hearts, and then get good jobs to support said parents. Right?

It was about a month ago when Cassie brought up the tooth fairy. She told me that some of the kids at her school think that there is no tooth fairy and that parents are really the tooth fairy. She then said that she knows that the tooth fairy is real. Right??

I agreed, because I wasn't sure what else to say/do. I'm not ready for the magic to be over. I'm not ready for Cassie to move onto that next stage. She isn't even eight yet. I feel like we didn't have very long with the magic and the fun. How can it be over already?

I know that she has to grow up. I know that she needs to learn these things so that she doesn't get made fun of at school and such. And as hard as it will be if she does figure it out, I am ready for her to come home and ask about Santa. I think that if she asks now, I won't feel as side-swiped by the question. Though, I will have to get her away from Kalli in case she does figure things out.

My plan is to do like my mom did with me. She asked me what I thought. This is the point at which I screamed "NO" and ran upstairs sobbing. I was an easy child. :) I expect the same type of response from Cassie as I had. She is so much like me, it is frightening. Though I turned out alright... Okay, stop laughing!

After calming her I plan to let her be part of Kalli's magical Christmas, the way I was able to be part of my brother's. This really let me still feel like Christmas wasn't taken away and I am hoping to have the same results with Cassie.

We can hope.