November 2, 2008

What are your hobbies? Today I was able to show off some of mine. Our church held an event in which everyone could have a table to showcase their hobbies on. My in-laws reserved a table and asked me to join them in showcasing my talents. My mother-in-law brought her quilts, my father-in-law brought his carvings, and I showcased my jewelry, a few cards, and some of my photos.

It was fun to see other people's hobbies and to see what others thought of mine. I also enjoyed getting feedback on what other people thought of my jewelry and photos. There are many times that I wonder why I continue to do my hobbies. I feel like I'm not any good at them. Getting some positive feedback helped and makes me enjoy them that little bit more.

Friday was trick-or-treating 'round these parts. Let me just say that the girls made quite a haul. I'm limiting them to 2 pieces a day though I'm going to admit how hard this is. Kalli asks every half hour if she can have another piece. This may be a long few months while we get rid of this candy. Or I may just send candy to Andy's work to get rid of it.


Becky said...

are those nerds i see in the candy pile? If you want to unload some candy, you know how much i love sweet things :)

Paula said...

Yes they are nerds. And if you want them, they are yours.