November 10, 2008

Tonight I printed out a list of the 38 books in the series of Pony Pals that Cassie has been reading since the middle of this past summer. We went over the list to see what ones she hasn't read and she is down to only 3 unread from the series. I have to say that I'm very proud of her and the fact that she has stuck to reading an entire series. Of course it helps that it is about horses. That girl loves horses. I'm taking donations for the riding lessons that she keeps asking me about.

We (meaning auntie Becky (our personal librarian) and myself) already know what books we are going to try Cassie on next. I'm very excited that she loves reading so much.

Lately Kalli has been walking around with a book and bookmark. She pretends that she is reading and it is very cute. Of course it is one of Cassie's books, so it is a little advanced for Kalli. But she is trying and getting the idea that reading is good. When she brings home a new library book from school though we all take turns reading it to her over and over.

In other exciting news, Cassie is learning a new responsibility. We've told her that when she turns 8, she will start cleaning the cat's litter box. She has been asking about this a lot lately and since she is only about a month away from 8, Andy took yesterday as a chance to show her the proper way to do this fun chore. We've told her that when she takes over fully, she will be doing it everyday so that it doesn't get out of control. Kinda like daddy lets it get sometimes when I have to remind him. :)

When she arrived home from school today she informed us that she wanted to start her chore. We made her wait until after dinner but then Andy went in the bathroom with her and supervised as she did it. And she did a wonderful job. Andy has decided he prefers supervising and Cassie has decided that she likes her new responsibility. I'm sure Cassie will outgrow her like for cleaning the litter box, but I can hope that she always likes being responsibility.