Why isn't there a new post every night??

Today while sitting with Kalli I went over all the consonant sounds. I would ask what letter makes this sound, followed by the sound. She got every single letter right even asking me one (which was unfair because the answer was 2 letters 'c' and 'k') I asked her how it is that she is so smart.

Kalli: I was just born.
Me: You were born smart?
Kalli: Well no, when I was one I was smart.

That girl doesn't lack in the confidence department.

Today when I picked her up from 4K she informed me that she learned something new. When I questioned what it was she showed me. My bay-bee can now gallop!! Today during gym her class went outside and learned to gallop, I guess. Kalli was so excited about it that she showed everyone that she saw...and she could gallop now.

Every night I attempt to come into my room after dinner to relax and have a little time to myself. During this time I try to start my post for the day because I suck at posting during the day. I've tried, but between things I need to get done around here and errands, it never happens. So after dinner I try to get my post done but it isn't easy.

First thing is that I have these little girls that keep sneaking in by me. They are suppose to stay out in the living room or their room asking Andy for anything that they might need. However, it seems that every time I look up, they are in the doorway or already in my room asking me for something. Kalli just wants to sit on my lap. Seems simple enough, but have you ever tried typing with a Kalli on your lap? As she tries to press buttons? And click the mouse? I call for Andy to 'rescue' me but about 5-10 minutes later they are back in the room.

Also, I go out to cuddle with the girls about 30 minutes before they head into their room. During this time they sit by me very nicely and I look towards Andy, who is sitting on the opposite couch, wondering why it is after not seeing him all day they aren't over cuddling with him. This is something ponder quite often, many times out loud. Why is it that even after seeing me so much, the girls still want to be by me? Want me to get things for them? Want me to do things for them? What about that other parental unit? I once asked Kalli if she realized that she had another parental unit. Her response was, "yes, but I love you." Andy just looks at me and smiles. He has the easy job, if you ask me.

Sure he works 40 hours a week, but he comes home to yummy homemade meals, a mostly clean home, and he doesn't have children hanging on him constantly and whining at him. I do love my life, but the whining. Oh my gosh, the whining. That I could do without.

So, that is my nights. And you wonder why it is that you don't always have posts to read each day.