October 9, 2008

Andy got Cassie off bus today, like usual. When they came walking into the apartment though Cassie was in tears. She came to me and her head fell against my stomach. I looked at Andy as I asked what was wrong. Andy answered as Cassie sobbed. "tomorrow is Donuts with Dad."

Donuts with Dad is a morning that is held every year (as is Muffins with mom) where dads go to school with the kids for some donuts and juice and a little project before school. This will be the first year that Andy is unable to go to Donuts with Dad so it is understandable that Cassie would be very upset. Luckily for her, notes that have come home about this event have said that grandpa's, uncles, or even mom's and such can fill in if dad's aren't available. So, I'll be taking Cassie tomorrow morning. This helped the disappointment some.

Kalli is spending the night at my parents tonight. Because of this, and the fact that Andy and I are awesome parents, we took this opportunity to spoil Cassie some. Of the two girls, Kalli demands more attention, and Andy and I know this. Therefore, when we found out that just Cassie would be home tonight, we decided to take her for supper and spend some time with just her. She is in heaven. As I type this she is sitting on the bed with Andy and watching Survivor. Well actually she is doing a lot more bouncing around then watching, but still.