October 6, 2008

Yesterday evening I decided that I needed a container for my shoes. I'm sick of my cat/dog sticking his paw under my closet door to open it so that he can go in and chew on my shoes. So I look around and decide that I'm going to start going through a few things and 'reorganize' them. After I begin this of course I decide that Andy can't miss out on all of the fun and I start telling him what I need him to do. Ya know, you gotta feel sorry for the guy. Just sitting there minding his own business while his wife starts projects that he gets sucked into.

About an hour later my shoes AND PURSES have a new home, all the winter clothing has been gone through, and a bag has been put together to be handed down.

The problem is the domino effect that this kind of task has on me. Once I start reorganize and clean closets/areas I want to continue. I did stop at just the one area last night, but have been looking at the other areas/closets that should be done. Trying to figure out where to start and how to go about things is the hardest.

Speaking of cleaning, I've told the girls that we will be going through their rooms soon and getting rid of stuff that they've outgrown or don't play with any more. I actually gave them the ultimatum of either get rid of some things or no toys for Christmas. They seriously have way too much and I'm not sure they would be able to fit any more into their rooms.

Today while laying down with Kalli to cuddle before she fell asleep for a nap I was pretend snoring. She giggled and then said... "That sounds like Grandpa does". I'm sure my dad will love the fact that I am putting this out there for everyone to read, but I had to. It was too funny not to share.