October 21, 2008

Today while having dinner at my aunt's house I lost track of what I was saying part way through a conversation. The joke that I use when this happens is that the hamster fell asleep in it's wheel and is doing a couple laps with the wheel. Ka thunk ka thunk ka thunk. I said this as I tried to figure out what it was that I was saying and Cassie looked at me completely seriously and said, "what?"

Me: The hamster that makes my brain work just fell asleep and is spinning with the wheel for a couple times. Ka thunk ka thunk ka thunk.
Cassie: Really???
Me: (laughing) no.

Cassie looked a little confused before going back to eating. The adults, however, had to gather themselves.

Maybe the 'good think she is pretty' thing works for Cassie too.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the parent meeting for Girl Scouts. Since I'm the leader I get to hold the meeting. Wanna take a guess at how excited I am? I don't really like being in front of people and having to act like I know what is going on. So you may be asking, why then are you the leader? Because I'm a sucker for punishment! I like looking like I don't know what I'm doing. Unorganized at times, lost at others, and trying to keep multiple 7 year olds under control. Yup. That is me.

In reality, I want to be sure that things that are done are things that Cassie can do and I like being one of the adults that the kids my daughter's age can trust and like having around. At least at this point. Once they get older...that will be another story.