September 9, 2008

This morning while taking the girls out to the bus my arms were loaded with backpacks and such.
Kalli: You need 8 arms.
Me: You're right. I should be an octopus.
Cassie: But then you wouldn't be our mom.
Me: You'd have a different mom then
Cassie: But I want you as my mom
Me: You don't want a different mom? Am I the perfect mom for you?
Cassie: Yes.

I'm sure that I'll have to remind her of this when she is a teen, but it was very sweet to hear her say. After Kalli was on bus, Cassie and I were on our own for a little bit before her bus got here. I told Cassie that she was the perfect daughter for me and that I couldn't imagine having any one else as my first daughter. The smile on her face was huge.

Eight years ago today I married my soul mate. I know that it sounds cliche to say that, but it is true. I couldn't imagine not having him in my life. We've gone through a lot over the past eight years... money problems, family problems, and health problems. And yet, I can without a doubt say that, I love Andy more today then I did the day I married him. Happy Anniversary Honey!