Good Eats

Today was the third day in a row that I've made something new for dinner. See...I'm becoming Suzy Homemaker.

The first day was homemade fajitas with green peppers and onions.

The second day was a roast in the crock pot. It was cooked with onions, garlic cloves, carrots, and mushroom soup. And I made baked potatoes to go with it.

And today, I made shrimp with penne. It also had lemon juice and garlic cloves in it.

All three meals went over well. With the roast being the best in the girls' eyes. Cassie and Kalli weren't thrilled with the shrimp, therefore I'm thinking about making that again sometime with chicken instead. Also considering adding broccoli to it. Gotta get those veggies in there somewhere.

Andy's already asking what is for supper tomorrow. I think he is really enjoying the good meals at night as a family and the fact that there is usually enough left over for him to have a delicious lunch the following day.

All I have to do now, is come up with another meal.