Recap of our day

Today Kalli had her 4 year well child visit to the doctor's office. As we are getting dressed and ready to go this morning, Kalli asks me "Do I have to get a shot?" This seems to be the fear of every child when it comes time to go to the doctor. I've always been honest with the girls when it comes to shots...yes they don't feel good, but we need them to keep us healthy. So, not knowing if she was going to need one, I simply told her that I wasn't sure. That was good enough for her at the time. Though she did ask again when the nurse brought us into the room. She was then told that she didn't need one. :)

Her stats?? She is now 40.25 inches (3 feet 4.25 inches) and 38 pounds 6 ounces.

When did she grow?? I still remember when she was so tiny. Wanting to hold her as she slept because I didn't want to be away from her. The sweet smell of her. Why is it babies are so intoxicating??

After the doctor's the girls and I made our way to the library. We returned the books that we had and I got 3 more for Cassie. Right now she is reading a series called "Pony Pals" These are chapter books that have very few pictures, the reading level is listed on the internet as either third grade or as ages 9-11. This weekend, in a 24 hour period, Cassie read 1.5 books. Mind you these books are about 80-some pages each. Today, Cassie started reading the 7th in the series at the library. She read it on the way to lunch, back to drop Becky off at work, on the way home, and then during her 30 minute quiet time. She finished the book before her 30 minutes were up.

I'm in complete awe of her reading lately. Over the weekend she was reading while eating her lunch. She asks to bring her book with her for while we are in the car. And she reads during quiet time and also before bed. The only downfall I foresee is when she runs out of pony/horse books we'll have to find another interesting area for her.

I'm also wondering, can I take reading away as a punishment?? It is something she enjoys the most. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one.