August 5, 2008

Today was a long and exhausting day.

It started at 7:30 this morning. Whoever made that time in the A.M. is a crazy person who should be shot. By 8:15, the girls and I are ready to leave home to head to Vacation Bible Camp. We've had about 5 melt downs, I've raised my voice only once, and I'm ready to get this week over with and put the kids to bed.

I know that they are tired. Long, active days combined with being in the heat more then they are used to equals not happy children. Today was going to be another long day as Cassie was scheduled to go to the zoo.

I get the kids in their classes and I sit to chat with some people. After about 10 minutes the head of Kalli's classes comes to find me. (They know that I'm staying in the church to avoid wasting gas running back home) Kalli is sobbing and asking for me. She is wondering if I want her to try sticking it out or if I want to talk with her to try calming her down. I chose to talk with her. I get her calmed, but every time I talk about putting her back with her 'friends' she starts crying again. Knowing that I have to leave with Cassie's class to head to the zoo, I give in and pull Kalli out of class. She comes with to the zoo and the crying is done. For now.

The zoo was fun, but hot. The temperature in the sun got up to 93 degrees while we were there. We walked around for about two hours. Now in case you didn't know, let me tell you, two hours in 93 degree weather SUCKS! As I load the girls back into the van to head back to church, we are all tired, sweaty, and irritable. Kalli is out within five minutes. Cassie is just about out when we get back to church.

I drop Cassie off at her class and Kalli and I head to a side room to have a little lunch with my mom. I suck down a large soda in hopes it'll cool me down a little. It works, very briefly.

Long story short. It was a very long day. I got the girls home from everything we had to do early enough to bathe them, let them settle some while hair dried, and head to bed early. I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day. In the theme of Bible Camp, here is my prayer...

Dear God, Let me make it through this week. Let us enjoy camp while staying as cool as possible. Let the melt downs be few and give me patience not to freak at the ones that happen. And please, please let Kalli separate from me long enough to enjoy camp at least a little. AMEN!

In other news...

August 6th....the day you are probably reading this...is a very special anniversary. And I would like to let everyone know about it.

It is the one year anniversary of my brain surgery. Last year on the 6th of August, I had my shunt put in. Here is to seeing without flashes of lights and to no migraines!!