August 1, 2008

First off...Yes it is a new month. Yes there is no new banner. I'm working on it. Give me some slack, please.


Next week is Vacation Bible Camp for the girls and I will be spending a majority of my days volunteering and waiting for them to finish for the day. This sounds good except for the fact that camp goes from 9-3 for Cassie each day and that I'll only be volunteering for half days each day. This means that there is about 3 hours each day that I will have to try to keep myself busy on the other side of town. So far I'm planning on bringing books with me and maybe my laptop to play games on. What else can I do for 3 hours a day for 5 days straight? I hate to waste gas driving anywhere too far and there is only so much window shopping that a girl can do.

Here's to hoping that 15 hours aren't too many to fill with...not much of anything. UGH!